JoyToy Warhammer 40K Ultramarines Primarch  Roboute Guilliman action figure

JoyToy Warhammer 40K Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman(7-inch)

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Ultramarines Primarch  Roboute Guilliman Action Figure Features:

  • 1:18 Scale, height approximately 7 inches (18cm).
  • Figures are highly detailed and fully articulated.
  • Made of upgraded ABS and PVC plastic for greater toughness.
  • The weapons and accessories shown in the images come with the figure.

Figure Introduction

Roboute Guilliman, sometimes referred to as the "Avenging Son," "The Victorious," "The Master of Ultramar" and "The Blade of Unity," is the primarch of the Ultramarines Space Marine Legion and its myriad subsequent Successor Chapters. He is the current lord commander of the Imperium and the ruling Imperial Regent. As a Primarch, genetically engineered by the Emperor of Mankind, Guilliman possesses superhuman strength, speed, and durability that surpasses any ordinary Space Marine. His physical prowess, combined with his unmatched strategic mind, makes him a formidable force on the battlefield.

A being of preternatural intelligence, cold reason and indomitable will, Guilliman forged his XIIIth Legion into a vast force of conquest and control, a weapon by which he made himself the master of a stellar domain in the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy, the Realm of Ultramar, which during his lifetime spanned five hundred worlds.

Under Guilliman's leadership they became arguably the most strategically gifted and tactically balanced of all the Legiones Astartes. Working on the basis of theoretical situations and practical solutions, the Ultramarines fought with exceptional efficiency. They drove the foes of Humanity before them, their armies fighting like intricate and perfectly tuned machines to swiftly and decisively outmanoeuvre every foe.

Wargear(Era Indomitus)

  • Armour of Fate - Crafted by the armourers of the Adeptus Mechanicus, its inner workings enhanced with advanced life-sustaining technologies, this glorious suit of highly advanced and unique Artificer Armour fits Guilliman perfectly, and protects him from even the most dolorous of blows.
  • Hand of Dominion - A more advanced version of the mighty powered gauntlet worn by Guilliman during the Horus Heresy, this godly Power Fist not only allows the primarch to crush the life from his foes like its original incarnation, but to annihilate them in storms of armour-piercing gunfire with its built-in bolter.
  • Iron Halo - The Iron Halo is a halo-shaped ring that is positioned above the head of the wielder, usually mounted on the backpack of Space Marine power armour but sometimes mounted in the gorget. The Iron Halo is a prestigious honour that is granted only to the most exceptional of the Astartes within a Space Marine Chapter as a reward for uncommon initiative and valour. It is most often worn by the Chapter's captains and Chapter Master, though Veteran Astartes and sergeants can also earn the right to add it to their armour in certain circumstances. The Iron Halo appears to share the same basic technological mechanisms as the Space Marine Chaplain's Rosarius, as they both produce a protective force field effect using gravitic and now poorly-understood Conversion Field technology. Guilliman wears a specially-crafted Iron Halo whose protective field has been resized for his greater height and mass than a normal Astartes.

Get ready to lead your Ultramarines to victory with the exceptional JoyToy Warhammer 40K Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman action figure! This highly detailed collectible stands tall at 7 inches and boasts an astonishing level of precision and authenticity.

With over so many points of articulation, you can pose Roboute Guilliman in a variety of dynamic battle stances, recreating iconic Warhammer 40K moments or devising your own epic battles. Every movement is fluid and lifelike, allowing for seamless display and play.

The attention to detail on this figure is truly remarkable. From the intricately sculpted armor adorned with the iconic Ultramarines motifs, to the meticulously painted wargear, nothing has been overlooked. Each component, from the finely crafted power sword to the masterfully designed bolter, captures the essence of Roboute Guilliman and his role as the Primarch of the Ultramarines.

Whether you're a devoted Warhammer 40K fan or an enthusiast of action figures, the JoyToy Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman figure is a must-have addition to your collection. It's time to bring the legendary leader to life and embark on endless battles across the grim darkness of the 41st millennium. Don't miss out on this extraordinary collectible - claim yours today and experience the might of Roboute Guilliman like never before.

Warning and Tips

  • Keep your figures in a ventilated environment and the best way is to watch them in a glass cabinet or display box.
  • Keep your figures away from moisture, heat, dust, or direct sunlight.
  • When the figures are stained with dust, use a hairdryer(cool) and a soft brush to clean the dust. Do not use a strong cleaning agent.
  • Due to the fact that these action figures are composed of numerous small components, Please do not operate violently.


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    • If you have a problem with your figures, please contact us and we can provide you with a replacement component.