JoyToy 1/18 Warhammer 40K Black Templars Emperor's Champion Bayard's Revenge

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Vendor: JoyToy
Barcode: 6973130376557

Product Features:

  • 1:18 Scale, height approximately 4.75 inches (12cm).
  • Figures are highly detailed and fully articulated.
  • Made of upgraded ABS and PVC plastic for greater toughness.
  • The weapons and accessories shown in the images come with the figure.

Figure Introduction

the Emperor's Champion Bayard's Revenge, the latest addition to the Black Templars army. This fearsome warrior is a symbol of purity and devotion to the Emperor, and he wields his deadly sword with unparalleled skill and precision.

Bayard's Revenge is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, possessing incredible abilities that make him a fierce opponent. First and foremost, he has a unique aura that confers powerful benefits to nearby Black Templars units, inspiring them to fight with even greater fervor and accuracy.

In addition, Bayard's Revenge is a skilled combatant with lightning-fast reflexes, making him hard to hit in close quarters combat. He can also perform a devastating Charge, unleashing a flurry of attacks against his enemies and potentially causing mortal wounds.

But perhaps Bayard's greatest asset is his ability to ignore wounds through sheer force of will. This means that even when he's taken heavy damage, he can continue to fight on and win the day for the Emperor and the Black Templars.

Get ready to add a new level of power and devastation to your Warhammer 40K collection with the JoyToy Black Templars Emperor's Champion Bayard's Revenge action figure! This incredible figure captures the fearsome presence of one of the Black Templars' most revered warriors, with stunning detail and incredible articulation that allows for a wide range of dynamic poses.

Bayard's Revenge wields a deadly sword, and the figure features authentic design and intricate paintwork that ensures he's instantly recognizable to any Warhammer 40K fan. And with special features like interchangeable hands and incredible armor detail, this action figure is sure to become the centerpiece of any Warhammer 40K collection.

Whether you're a collector, hobbyist, or fan of the Black Templars, the JoyToy Black Templars Emperor's Champion Bayard's Revenge action figure is the perfect addition to your collection.

Warning and Tips

  • Keep your figures in a ventilated environment and the best way is to watch them in a glass cabinet or display box.
  • Keep your figures away from moisture, heat, dust, or direct sunlight.
  • When the figures are stained with dust, use a hairdryer(cool) and a soft brush to clean the dust. Do not use a strong cleaning agent.
  • Due to the fact that these action figures are composed of numerous small components, Please do not operate violently.


    • If you have any problems with the products, please contact us immediately and we will help you within 24 hours.
    • If you have a problem with your figures, please contact us and we can provide you with a replacement component.